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Making Helmets ‘Cool’
Jarsh Innovations' air-conditioned helmets make life easier for industrial workers

Shruti Venkatesh

Social entrepreneurs are reinventing the wheel

Sankalp Forum’s Aparajita Agrawal offers some insights on what’s happening in the social entrepreneurship sphere

Meenakshi Radhakrishnan-Swami | MAY 24 , 2014

Age no bar

Forget retirement communities in pristine surroundings. Integrated living is the new buzzword

Vikas Kumar | APR 12 , 2014

Filling up fast

How safe drinking water is emerging as the next big sustainable business opportunity

Vikas Kumar | MAR 01 , 2014

The Sith Lord of startups

Silicon Valley angel investor Dave McClure wants Indian investors to take more risks

Kripa Mahalingam | FEB 01 , 2014

The fine print

Is the country seeing the beginning of an e-book reading revolution?

Vikas Kumar | FEB 01 , 2014

On the razor's edge

Can Vi-John succeed in its attempt to straddle the mass and premium shaving cream markets?

Vikas Kumar | DEC 21 , 2013

Secret sauce

Capital Foods is aspiring to play a bigger role in the organised FMCG arena with its soup and noodle brands

Aditi Saxena | NOV 23 , 2013

If the shoe fits

Why Reliance Equity Advisors has invested in Khadim India

Himanshu Kakkar | OCT 26 , 2013

Tapping the water business

Water purifier companies show up on the radar of PE funds

Krishna Gopalan | SEP 14 , 2013

Juicing it up

Sugarcane juice hasn’t been an easy business to organise. But two brands in Bengaluru could show the way

Vikas Kumar | SEP 14 , 2013

A taste of Japan

Burgundy brings premium chocolates to India

Team Outlook Business | AUG 17 , 2013

Spice man

Kerala-based flavouring company Synthite is banking on its Chinese expansion to triple revenues by 2020

Adit Mathai | JUL 20 , 2013

Online traffic wardens

Vizury's re-targeting solutions work smartly to bring back online customers who drop off without purchasing

Kripa Mahalingam | JUN 22 , 2013

A creative bent of mind

When a theatre enthusiast mixes his love for drama with technology, the result is a company like Knolskape

Rashmi K Pratap | APR 27 , 2013

Bare bones luxury

CGH Earth’s USP is its innovative properties. Can its unconventional format be sustained?

MAR 30 , 2013

Star gazing

At Venture Intelligence’s Apex Summit, private equity experts reviewed the prospects for the sector

Kripa Mahalingam | MAR 16 , 2013

Pet shop buys

With Indians willing to splurge on their pets, the niche pet care market is growing fast

Ravina Kothari | MAR 16 , 2013

Coming full circle

The MFI sector is bouncing back, but slowly

Team Outlook Business | FEB 16 , 2013

Online bargain

Quikr and OLX are aiming for a slice of a hot and growing e-commerce vertical: used goods

Veena Venugopal | JAN 19 , 2013

Fourth-time lucky?

Pankaj Aher’s counting on his new private equity partner to help NewsWire18 expand

Krishna Gopalan | JAN 19 , 2013

New homestay

With vacation rentals Indian travellers can now pay less for more privacy

Taneesha Kulshrestha | DEC 22 , 2012

Hungry kyun?

What explains private equity investors’ growing appetite for the food service industry?

Taneesha Kulshrestha | DEC 22 , 2012

Not such a cracker

The festival of lights doesn’t always light up the box office these days

Krishna Gopalan | DEC 08 , 2012

Shipping and handling extra

Online retailers are now shifting shipping costs to customers to protect their margins

Shabana Hussain | NOV 24 , 2012