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I toot, you tweet
An “anti-establishment” tweet, a blocked account, a trending hashtag:  the perfect recipe for a movement — of Indians leaving Twitter for Mastodon

Rishabh Bhatnagar

A season of exodus

A truck ride through J&K in our special series, The Highway Economy

Rajat Ubhaykar | AUG 25 , 2015

Life in the slow lane

The formative journey of a fledgling truck into a beast of burden is quite fascinating. However, business is in the dumps for truck-body builders in Sirhind in Punjab

Rajat Ubhaykar | AUG 17 , 2015

App-titude test

Online players are experimenting with app-only and app-first strategies to make the most of the rise of mobile internet. Is the trend sustainable?

Avantika Seth | AUG 17 , 2015

Looking for a big bite

Can Motilal Oswal PE hit the jackpot by selling its stake in the Mrs Bector’s biscuits business?

Krishna Gopalan | AUG 01 , 2015

New-age digital bankers

A mix of players are looking to give traditional banks a run for their money as payment banking comes of age

Kripa Mahalingam | JUL 24 , 2015

Music to your ears

Will music streaming apps be the next iteration in the way people listen to music in India?

Sonia Mariam Thomas | JUL 23 , 2015

Chasing a common goal

E-commerce war prompts investors to merge portfolio companies

Shabana Hussain | JUL 14 , 2015

Click, buy, DIY

Now that perishables are being peddled online, could furniture be far behind?

Rachit Vats | JUN 29 , 2015

The big turn-on

Some entrepreneurs have taken to the web to meet the needs that most Indians would rather keep secret

Sonia Mariam Thomas | MAY 29 , 2015

Game is on

In an era of tablets, a bunch of entrepreneurs is bringing back the magic of good old children’s games

Adit Mathai | MAY 15 , 2015

Where the cash flows

Though the momentum in PE deals continued in Q1, value-wise it was 36% lower over the previous quarter

Team Outlook Business | MAY 15 , 2015

Making governance count

Several NGOs are striving to bridge the gap between policy and implementation

Laveena Iyer | APR 03 , 2015

Gold's own country

Regional jewellers are venturing outside their traditional strongholds to make the most of the gold rush

Kripa Mahalingam | JAN 23 , 2015

Not socially awkward anymore

Digital media firms are going beyond conventional advertising norms to be a part of the social media revolution

Sonia Mariam Thomas | NOV 28 , 2014

Hospitable terrain

Private equity investors seem to have found a sweet spot in the hospitality business — mid-market hotels

Sonia Mariam Thomas | NOV 14 , 2014

Catching 'em young

The licensing and merchandising market is coming of age as franchisees look at novel ways to monetise toons

Himanshu Kakkar | NOV 14 , 2014

Growth in transit

Backed by investors, logistics start-ups are cashing in on the e-tailing boom

Sonia Mariam Thomas | SEP 19 , 2014

Figuring it out

Organic apparel sounds fancy for sure but is yet to gain critical mass in India

Laveena Iyer | AUG 22 , 2014

A double topping for growth

Meats and flavoured yoghurt are the new additions to Graviss Foods' menu, the Indian franchise of Baskin Robbins

Meghna Maiti | AUG 22 , 2014

Not sticking to the script

How Glue Brandworks and Gauge Advertising want to reinvigorate the staid ad industry with their ideas

Shilpa S Ranipeta | AUG 22 , 2014

Playing the big daddy

A bunch of technology veterans have come together to mentor start-ups with proven ideas and assured revenue streams

Kripa Mahalingam | AUG 08 , 2014

Sweet Tooth

MyDentist wants to go mass with its branded chain of clinics in the largely unorganised dental care market

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 21 , 2014

A lot happens over tea

Bengaluru-based chain Chai Time is trying to bring the friendly, neighbourhood coffee shop experience to tea

Krishna Gopalan | JUN 07 , 2014

A crafty move

ArtisanGilt website helps consumers find rare handicrafts

Mahithi Pillay | MAY 24 , 2014