Big Idea

Dr. Fixit

Bengaluru-based Machinup helps your manufacturing equipment increase its productivity while reducing your cost via AI

Deepak G Pawar

Kuldeep Patel (L) and Chinmaya Behera hit it off the first time they met at Info Edge as colleagues and used to discuss multiple start-up ideas since then. In 2015, Patel left the company to work on his own start-up later, but the duo stayed in touch. In May 2017, they launched Machinup, which offered a maintenance solution to predict the breakdown of big machinery in industrial units.

The founders first approached SMEs, but failed to garner interest from the small businesses, which were quite satisfied with getting the machine repaired by a local technician in two-three days. However, for larger companies whose machines were imported, it took two-three months to get the machines repaired i


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