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Big Idea

Taking a moon shot
Plus-size apparel is here to stay, and Bengaluru-based The Pink Moon has bootstrapped its way into the market

Hari Menon

Cyber Safe

Be it detecting malware or pirated content, Volon has a solution for every cybersecurity need

Debangana Ghosh | OCT 15 , 2018

Virtual Aide

GoVocal.AI provides a platform to build channel-agnostic voice applications

Debangana Ghosh | OCT 08 , 2018

Sole Expertise

D:FY wants to sell high-end sneakers at honest prices

Debangana Ghosh | OCT 02 , 2018

Chatting up a storm

Gupshup’s chatbots help businesses converse with clients anytime, anywhere

Himanshu Kakkar | SEP 27 , 2018

Waterless Magic

Clensta’s waterless products for personal hygiene could be a game-changer for the healthcare industry and defence forces

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | SEP 27 , 2018

High Precision

Semly Pro's 'negative keywords' tracker saves money on digital marketing

Debangana Ghosh | SEP 17 , 2018

Capsule Comfort

With an eye on short-stay travellers, Urbanpod is creating its own niche with affordable pod hotels

Shruti Venkatesh | SEP 11 , 2018

Agri Recyclers

GFF Innovations’ Moksh eases farmers’ woes by compressing rice straws faster

Debangana Ghosh | SEP 10 , 2018

Premium Comfort

Delhi-based start-up Carmesi takes sanitary napkins to the next level

Debangana Ghosh | SEP 03 , 2018

Real-time trackers

Chariot Tech is using IoT devices to make smart infrastructure a reality

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | AUG 20 , 2018

Secure Navigation

Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, Netradyne aims to make driving a safer experience

Shruti Venkatesh | AUG 17 , 2018

Perfect Fit

Design your ideal shoe, right down to its pattern and size, using Rapawalk’s 3D configurator

Debangana Ghosh | AUG 13 , 2018

Machine Doctor

Switchon helps factories optimise performance by proactively detecting technical woes

Debangana Ghosh | AUG 06 , 2018

Data Hub provides hard-to-find financials and insights on companies

Debangana Ghosh | JUL 17 , 2018

Bottled Goodness

Drink now or later, OMG! has you covered when it comes to sugarcane juice

Debangana Ghosh | JUL 11 , 2018

Instant Credit

GalaxyCard has a hassle-free alternative to anyone who wants a credit card

Debangana Ghosh | JUL 02 , 2018

Flexible Financier

KaleidoFin designs finance solutions that fit the needs of its diverse informal sector clients

Shruti Venkatesh | JUN 12 , 2018

An Indian Oasis

Call it the NCPA of Dubai — the Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts is making Indian classical art forms irresistible for expats in UAE

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 06 , 2018

All About Almonds

 Sain wants to become the go-to dairy alternative for every vegan and health-conscious consumer

Progyaa Dutta | JUN 04 , 2018

Travel Assistant

Trip n howl is here to ensure a smooth trip by eliminating all travel woes

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAY 21 , 2018

'Purrfect' Bedding

Why step out to buy a mattress when you can simply have it delivered in a box, thanks to SleepyCat

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAY 14 , 2018

For A Worthy Cause

Mumbai-based Donatekart is giving a new meaning to in-kind donation

Bhakti Tambe | MAY 02 , 2018

Smart Control

Delhi-based start-up Octise lets you control electronic home appliances from anywhere

Bhakti Tambe | APR 26 , 2018

Music Lab

Unleash your inner musical talent and expand your network of like-minded artists with CoCreato

Bhakti Tambe | APR 16 , 2018