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Big Idea

Electric Blue
Walking is tedious and short cab rides are tough to get. Yulu, with its shared bikes, offers the next ‘woke’ mode of transport

Hari Menon

Capsule Comfort

With an eye on short-stay travellers, Urbanpod is creating its own niche with affordable pod hotels

Shruti Venkatesh | SEP 11 , 2018

Agri Recyclers

GFF Innovations’ Moksh eases farmers’ woes by compressing rice straws faster

Debangana Ghosh | SEP 10 , 2018

Premium Comfort

Delhi-based start-up Carmesi takes sanitary napkins to the next level

Debangana Ghosh | SEP 03 , 2018

Real-time trackers

Chariot Tech is using IoT devices to make smart infrastructure a reality

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | AUG 20 , 2018

Secure Navigation

Using artificial intelligence and computer vision, Netradyne aims to make driving a safer experience

Shruti Venkatesh | AUG 17 , 2018

Perfect Fit

Design your ideal shoe, right down to its pattern and size, using Rapawalk’s 3D configurator

Debangana Ghosh | AUG 13 , 2018

Machine Doctor

Switchon helps factories optimise performance by proactively detecting technical woes

Debangana Ghosh | AUG 06 , 2018

Data Hub provides hard-to-find financials and insights on companies

Debangana Ghosh | JUL 17 , 2018

Bottled Goodness

Drink now or later, OMG! has you covered when it comes to sugarcane juice

Debangana Ghosh | JUL 11 , 2018

Instant Credit

GalaxyCard has a hassle-free alternative to anyone who wants a credit card

Debangana Ghosh | JUL 02 , 2018

Flexible Financier

KaleidoFin designs finance solutions that fit the needs of its diverse informal sector clients

Shruti Venkatesh | JUN 12 , 2018

An Indian Oasis

Call it the NCPA of Dubai — the Malhaar Centre for Performing Arts is making Indian classical art forms irresistible for expats in UAE

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | JUN 06 , 2018

All About Almonds

 Sain wants to become the go-to dairy alternative for every vegan and health-conscious consumer

Progyaa Dutta | JUN 04 , 2018

Travel Assistant

Trip n howl is here to ensure a smooth trip by eliminating all travel woes

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAY 21 , 2018

'Purrfect' Bedding

Why step out to buy a mattress when you can simply have it delivered in a box, thanks to SleepyCat

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAY 14 , 2018

For A Worthy Cause

Mumbai-based Donatekart is giving a new meaning to in-kind donation

Bhakti Tambe | MAY 02 , 2018

Smart Control

Delhi-based start-up Octise lets you control electronic home appliances from anywhere

Bhakti Tambe | APR 26 , 2018

Music Lab

Unleash your inner musical talent and expand your network of like-minded artists with CoCreato

Bhakti Tambe | APR 16 , 2018

The Next- Gen Lego

Started by a bunch of IITians, Smartivity is making learning fun while creating a truly cutting edge Indian toy brand

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | APR 12 , 2018

Healthy Craving

Ditch the unhealthy canteen staples for guilt-free munchies from Delhi-based Evolve's menu 

Bhakti Tambe | APR 05 , 2018

Wee-hour Surprise

Milkbasket’s differentiated model makes it stand out in the online grocery business

Shilpa Elizabeth Abraham | MAR 30 , 2018

Virtual Identifier

Creating and securing your digital DNA is now a few clicks away with Bitgram 

Bhakti Tambe | MAR 26 , 2018

Tactile Learning

Experiential learning programme developer, ThinkTac, is teaching schools how to put scientific theory to practice 

Bhakti Tambe | MAR 19 , 2018

Premium Living

Stanza Living's student housing ensures you never feel away from home 

Himanshu Kakkar | MAR 05 , 2018