Big Idea

Stretching the canvas

Kulture Shop in Mumbai helps Indian graphic designers to monetise their work

For freelance graphic designers, who juggle artwork, billing and clients on a deadline, it is tough to take time out to doodle and get paid for it. Arjun Charanjiva, Kunal Anand, Jas Charanjiva and Rajeev Sathe set up Kulture Shop in Mumbai as a solution in October 2013, with ₹50 lakh from savings and backing from Rajesh Kejriwal of Kyoorius and other investors. They work with lesser-known designers to create thematic limited edition art prints and t-shirts under four categories. “We want to find the best Indian graphic designers and help monetise their work,” says CEO Arjun. 

The artists sign two-year contracts and are paid on a percentage basis per piece, though they hold the licence and get credit for their designs. The brand has been operating through pop-ups, design events and social media so far, with e-retail and international shipping to begin by February. With monthly sales of about ₹2 lakh, Arjun contends it will take two or three years for the brand to break even. But with plans to stock an expanded product range at retail outlets, Kulture Shop is on course to spread the love of art.