Crash Of The Titans

Just like elder brother Mukesh Ambani, Anil Ambani started off on the solid ground prepared by their father Dhirubhai. However, hardly has any other family business seen such sharply contrasted trajectories as theirs. How did Anil Ambani lose the advantage? Nandini Vijayaraghavan traces the journeys of four well-known entrepreneurs whose businesses took off energetically but failed to retain the momentum and ended up struggling for survival

The 2006 terms of settlement agreement between the brothers resulted in RIL retaining natural gas exploration and extraction from the KG-D6 gas fields located on India’s western coastline, while the ADAG company, R-Power’s core business, was to develop, construct and operate power projects. In 2008, R-Power’s twelve power plants, including two gas-fired power plants at Dadri and Shahpur, were at various stages of development. The 2006 settlement included an agreement that delineated the terms and conditions for RIL supplying natural gas to ADAG’s gas-fired plants at Dadri and Shahpur. As mentioned earlier, R-Power was solely dependent on RIL for natural gas supplies.