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    In India’s Fragmented ESG Space, Businesses Need Expert Advice: Rinesh Patel

    Snowflake, the US-headquartered cloud data platform, has emerged as a binding glue in the fragmented data ecosystem of environmental, social and governance (ESG) frameworks. In today’s business landscape, ESG considerations are gaining prominence, as companies strive to align their operations with sustainable practices and meet evolving stakeholder expectations. Rinesh Patel, global head of financial services at Snowflake, talks about how important it is for modern corporations to navigate the complex web of scattered ESG frameworks using tech tools which are customised to honour the investor and regulator’s expectations. Edited excerpts:

    July 01, 2023
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    In Fear of Climate Doomsday

    Concerns about the deteriorating climate condition globally are triggering anxiety among people. This eco-anxiety is catching up in India, a top global carbon emitter which is also vulnerable to climate changes

    June 01, 2023
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    Carbon Market Warming Up, But Is India Ready?

    Regulation, monitoring, pricing, policy certainty, alignment with international standards, etc. are just some of the challenges the government must face  

    May 01, 2023
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    Populous India Fears Economic Instability

    While some look at rising population as an opportunity, the less optimistic ones are suffering from population anxiety, or the concern over impacts of changing demographics. In a country like India, economic concerns outweigh all others

    May 01, 2023
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    Climate Plans Lost In Data Matrix

    Data gaps are throwing a spanner in the works for a world which is falling distressingly short of commitments to slow down, if not reverse, rapidly deteriorating global climate conditions and India is not an outlier

    April 01, 2023
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    A Company Cannot Grow Without Supporting Women: Neerja Birla

    Having women on board and promoting gender equality at workplaces is not only the right thing to do, but also leads to better business outcomes and a stronger economy. In an interview with Shailaja Tripathi, entrepreneur and mental health champion Neerja Birla, founder-cum-chairperson of the Aditya Birla Education Trust, which runs the MPower mental health awareness initiative, outlines the need to implement policies that encourage diversity and women’s employment in the workplace and talks about how the corporate sector can promote the culture of inclusivity. Edited excerpts:

    March 01, 2023
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    The Cost Of Powering Your Rooftop

    Despite abundant sunshine and terraces, rooftop solar power in India is yet to be harnessed to its full potential as owners weigh in on its financial viability, a factor that could negatively impact the country’s emission reduction goals 

    February 01, 2023
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    Advantage Climate Start-Ups

    Government support, regulatory framework, widening scope and more opportunities are luring venture capital firms into investing in climate tech start-ups 

    January 01, 2023
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    Facing A Real Pollution Problem In Metaverse

    While metaverse’s energy question can find its answer in clean sources, the latter is also dealing with its own waste demons

    June 01, 2022
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    She-Movers Of India

    Women taking up roles in unconventional spaces are not only breaking gender misconceptions but also bringing a new perspective to the workplace, especially in infrastructure projects of national importance

    May 01, 2022
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    Art Under Climate Heat

    Global warming has a direct impact on art conservation efforts. Museums and galleries in India are waging a war against climate change to defend their priceless collections and national heritage

    April 01, 2022