Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund | Ad campaign

Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund highlights the benefits of SIP by drawing a parallel with life’s ups and downs

Often, investors develop cold feet when the stock market begins to either flatline or fluctuate. Some rush to sell while others, fearing a loss, decide to stay away from investing in the market altogether. “The mutual fund category penetration stands at 5-6%, health insurance is at 3-4%, life insurance is approximately 16-17%. This goes to prove that there are more people who abstain from these categories, than those who are benefiting from it,” says Ajay Kakar, CMO, Aditya Birla Capital.

It is this aversion to risk that Aditya Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund (ABSL MF) tries to address with its new campaign, #WinWithSIP. The campaign comprises two ad films, one of which has been aired, while the other will be released later this month.

Their first film draws a strong parallel between life and mutual funds. It begins with the protagonist, Hitesh, stepping out of his home, when a voice over asks him, “What’s up?” In response, Hitesh solemnly answers, “Up nahi down. Investments.”  The film then cuts to different scenarios in life, where one can be high or low, lucky or unlucky and win or lose. But despite all the uncertainties, one continues living. As Hitesh puts it, “It’s okay. Ups and downs do happen. After all, that’s life.”

That’s when the voice over asks a pertinent question — when people don’t get scared of the ups and downs in life, why do they get scared of investments?

The idea of using life as an analogy helps in communicating the two-pronged message effectively. “This is heightened through the contrast in the fast-paced film (the pace of the visuals and the zippy track) which dramatically comes to a pause, as the protagonist (and through him, the viewer) works out for himself the truth in what is being said,” says Ayesha Ghosh, general manager, Taproot Dentsu. And while you dwell on the question, make sure you watch this ad!