Kotak Life Insurance | 'Poora Plan' ad campaign

With Vinay Pathak as ‘Subbu’, Kotak Mahindra highlights the benefits of their ‘complete’ life insurance

Let’s be honest, insurance plans are complicated and too many to choose from. How do you then make the right decision in securing your future and that of your family’s? According to Kotak Life Insurance, you do that by not forgetting any disaster — death, disability and critical illness. With a digital ad campaign #PooraPlan featuring actor Vinay Pathak, the company is saying they have the ‘complete’ life insurance.

“This campaign aims at educating people and creating awareness about full coverage vis-à-vis traditional incomplete coverage. Our target group is adults who are 25 years and above, with increased focus on people between the age group of 30-45 years,” says Subhasis Ghosh, head – marketing & group insurance, Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance Company.

The campaign comprises two ad films, each emphasising on the importance of life insurance in a light-hearted yet impactful manner. In the first film, Pathak or ‘Subbu’ touches the feet of his mother as she blesses him with a long life. But Subbu questions her why would he want a long life if he gets crippled in an accident. To that, the mother expresses shock, but blesses him with long life and no accidents. Still unsatisfied, he argues that she hasn’t covered critical illnesses. “Please give poora aashirwaad,” he says, as the voice over kicks in, explaining how Kotak’s plan covers all three aspects in once plan. The second film sees Subbu talking to his neighbour, calling his insurance plan ‘aadha’ (or incomplete) as it doesn’t cover every eventuality.

Steve Priya, executive creative director, Wunderman Thompson, says that today a commercial doesn’t just have to fight the clutter of other ads but even measure up to cool content and noisy news channels to do the impossible of being remembered. “So we wanted to simplify and clearly explain the company’s sharp product differentiation. Both commercials start off typically but Subbu steps in and turns the conversation around into an entirely unexpected direction and that's what makes it engaging,” he adds. Crisp dialogues, simple story-lines and Pathak’s undeniable acting prowess make this campaign a complete package, much like their insurance plan.