Myth of Choice

Xiaomi insists that when buying a smartphone, it's either a Redmi or nothing

Like they say, one’s victory song cannot be complete without making your rivals suffer to its performance. Xiaomi certainly seems to subscribe to this philosophy. Since the Chinese manufacturer launched its flagship brand Redmi Note 4 in January this year, it has had an overwhelming sales record. And how did Xiaomi choose to celebrate this success? With a TVC that emphasises its no-questions-asked popularity, of course.

The commercial depicts how Indians love a debate, and presents examples where people debate with each other (or themselves): whether it is three friends arguing over the best route to reach a destination, or a person debating with himself about whether or not he locked his car. Sushant Sreeram, marketing head, Xiaomi India, elaborates, “When it comes to the smartphone category, conversations abound regarding phones that have better battery, or a better camera. The Redmi Note 4 transcends these debates. Our campaign does not revolve around the phone’s specifications or its USP.” Rather, it unabashedly proclaims that when it comes to choosing a smartphone, it’s either the Redmi Note 4 or nothing.

“No matter how different we all are, there are some things that we agree upon without a debate. Say enjoying pakodas when it’s raining outside, trying to lose weight before a much-awaited event or begrudging our bosses. This was the main idea behind the ad,” explains GV Krishnan, CEO, south, Famous Innovations, the agency that conceptualised the film.

In a cluttered category like smartphones, where every brand is competing to be numero uno, Xiaomi goes all out and declares its superiority by suggesting that you don’t even need to think twice when it comes to picking phone. While some matters may still require deliberation before a decision is made, opting for a smartphone, apparently, is no longer one of them.