Durable fix

Pidilite Industries’ Fevikwik forges a new bond with its women customers

They’re unapologetically witty and unforgettable. No matter what the storyline, the message always come through loud and clear — it can undo any damage. Pidilite Industries’ instant adhesive brand, Fevikwik, is known for its commercials that don’t fail to tickle your funny bone.

Be it the ad film where a fisherman discovers that the easiest way to score a catch is applying the adhesive to a pole instead of a bait; or the Wagah border clip where the Indo-Pakistan face-off ends with an amusing show of friendship all thanks to a tube of this quick fix. Most of Fevikwik’s ad campaigns often have a male protagonist goofing up and then the adhesive coming to his rescue at a surprisingly cheaper price. Remember the series promoting the Rs.5-pack?

This time around Pidilite has sent out a missive to the ladies, particularly the women of the household that they can fix anything and then even unexpectedly get rewarded for it. The two commercials in this latest series by Ogilvy & Mather has a homemaker who is in for a pleasant surprise when her mother-in-law offers her a refreshing drink post an exercise regime and her son requests for a sabzi that he would otherwise cringe over. The non-stereotypical scenarios make a viewer as confused as the protagonist in the ad, but then it’s revealed that it’s all to pay gratitude for the quick fix in her pocket – a tiny tube of Fevikwik. Be it a broken toy or a cracked metal object, her little aide has mended it well.

“The new TVCs, in a humorous way, appreciate this role that the woman plays by bringing back things to life through repairs and creating little moments of joy,” says Vivek Sharma, chief marketing officer, Pidilite Industries. Promoting the tagline, Khushiyon ke chand pal , this series seeks to send a message that you can now be the superwoman you want to be with Fevikwik.

Ogilvy South Asia’s executive chairman Piyush Pandey elaborates further on the process of creating yet another funny film for a Pidilite brand, “Fevikwik is always about making light of things, always bringing a smile to people’s faces. We wanted to bring out the fact that once in a while people are nice to [women] when you help them. This was a fun take on that concept.” So the next time you see something broken, remember you can save the day and earn credit for it with a tiny tube of Fevikwik.