Cook It Easy

Panetteria has a do-it-yourself solution for the average woman's cooking woes

The kitchen struggle is real when you don’t know how to cook. Right from kneading dough to jostling with a mixer-grinder and slicing through onion-tears every time whenever you enter the kitchen. If Panetteria’s latest commercials for its range of snacks are anything to go by, who else but women know these moments best. Of course, if you're looking for a quick way out of these sweat and tear situations, the solution is as easy as baking-it and eating-it. Each of the advertisements begin on a serious note: “one out of every three women” — a setup that clearly gives the impression of a campaign for women’s rights. That is, until it reveals the product with a quirky end.

Targeted at ‘supermoms’, as Balwa Group’s director Umar Balwa calls it, the whole concept was to differentiate the product. “We had a novel concept — why don’t we promote our product as women-centric. You have to be a housewife, a mother and a daughter-in-law. We thought, how do we help the women in their struggle? As such, the product’s focus should be convenient, healthy and easy-to-do,” he says.

Conceptualised by Tonic Worldwide, the TVCs are clever and uses the right amount of drama to grab your attention. “In a cluttered digital, our idea was to create a ‘thumbstopping moment’. We don’t give much thought into the effort put in when we ask our mother to make a snack for us. That’s what we wanted to bring out,” explains Sudish Balan, chief business officer, Tonic Worldwide. Now that the ultimate solution for your hunger-pangs are here, fret no more.