Colonel's Club

KFC's beloved mascot invites everyone to come explore a new world

If you want to unite foodies, just create an exclusive club for them. Sometimes an idea is simple as that. KFC takes this plan one step ahead and creates a grand new world for chicken lovers. Even better, it’s called KFC Land. Sure, it’s not a literal ‘land’, but who wouldn’t want to be a part of it. Stage actor Denzel Smith himself dons the role of the iconic founder, Colonel Sanders, to welcome every KFC lover into his circle.

Moksh Chopra, chief marketing officer, KFC India, explains the idea behind the campaign, “All of KFC’s past TVCs have been focused on the product and the world of millennial consumers — the way they talk, think, live, eat and make memories. While we take our food and consumer experience very seriously, we don’t take ourselves so seriously — so this time, we decided to let Colonel Sanders introduce KFC Land to our consumers in India in his distinctive and feisty style.”

The campaign kicked off with teasers with merely glimpses of the Colonel, until he finally made his grand appearance explaining in not too many words why everyone loves KFC. Krishna Mani, senior creative director, Ogilvy & Mather, says, “We wanted to come up with a clutter-breaking brand campaign. We are sure this campaign will garner a huge fan following for KFC’s beloved Colonel Sanders.”

While Colonel Sanders makes frequent appearances for KFC in the West, this is his first introduction to the Indian audience. So, why now? Chopra adds, “While people here know him as the persevering entrepreneur who introduced finger lickin’ good chicken to the world, our hope is to make the Colonel a real pop culture personality in India. He is an icon and not merely a mascot.” Granted, the latest campaign lacks when compared with earlier KFC ads, but Colonel Sanders makes it up with his confidence and charm.