Changing Times

Shoppers Stop’s new campaign tackles an age-old stereotype, with sass and style

Women are frequently accused of spending a disproportionate amount of time to get ready — sometimes, good-naturedly and sometimes scornfully. And Shoppers Stop has found an interesting way to turn this stereotype on its head. “It’s not the women who take time, the world took time to give women their rightful place in our society. Sounds heavy, but we are telling this story with some Shoppers Stop sass,” says Vineet Mahajan, head of art – India, Contract, adding that they wanted to depict ‘attitude’ rather than ‘activism’.

Their new campaign, ‘It’s our time’, aims to address issues faced by women, and shatter limiting beliefs that act as a barrier. The women in the commercial staunchly accept that they take time to get ready, but it took 100 years for them to win the right to vote. The ad puts forth a hard-hitting question to the society, while talking about injustices done against women. It also talks about the fact that they had to fight for 14 years to get maternity leave and 29 years to achieve equal pay.

“We wanted to create a campaign through which the brand can signify thought leadership in the women’s category,” says Uma Talreja, customer care associate, chief marketing & customer officer, Shoppers Stop. Women not just contribute to more than half of the sales at Shoppers Stop, but are also an integral part — 28% of overall workforce including frontline sales. At mid-to-senior level, 37% of workforce is represented by women employees.

With this bold campaign, Shoppers Stop is talking directly to their largest target group — women — making it one of their most unique campaigns. “Shoppers Stop has always been known for its iconic advertising within the retail industry. With this ad, we intend to have a conversation that is beyond promos, offers and discounts,” points out Mahajan.

While the content of the ad may seem serious, it is served in an entertaining manner. Pacy music is interspersed with a resolute voiceover of women pointing out how society took time to give them their dues. Amid all this, the ad also shows women wearing the latest collection by Shoppers Stop, thereby tying in the brand beautifully. So, the next time you hear someone accuse a woman of taking too much time, simply borrow a few lines from this campaign!