Carefree Ride

CocoRide by DHFL General Insurance stands up for women bikers in its latest campaign

Women drivers are not a rare sight. That myth has long been busted if we take a look at the bravehearts riding everything from racing cars to fighter jets. But closer to home, a woman riding a motorcycle might still raise an eyebrow or two, from those unaccustomed to the idea. If you’re a young girl wanting to take out that bike for a ride, you will have a hard luck swaying your father. But who is to say, you cannot sneak out while the city sleeps to fulfil your wish. For a company that is promoting its two-wheeler insurance plan, DHFL General Insurance’s CocoRide chooses to break gender stereotypes through one such father-daughter story in its latest campaign.

DHFL General Insurance CEO Vijay Sinha points out that over 70% of two-wheelers on the roads are uninsured, and their owners are not as informed about available insurance plans compared with four-wheelers. So the digital film is an attempt to create awareness while also giving a voice to women riders. “The idea was to emphasise the need and benefits of a motor insurance policy, without showcasing a dire situation, which is often when a person thinks of insurance. We also intended to influence two-wheeler owners to renew their insurance,” he adds.

Our young protagonist does end up disappointing her father a smidge when the bike is wrecked. But he is also one to stand up for his daughter and shut down a disapproving neighbour. KV Sridhar, founder and CCO, Hypercollective, says, “When you care for things, they last longer. To express this thought, we wanted to exploit the relationship between a father and daughter in the thick of riding a motorbike. Had it been about a boy, it would have very simple. So in a way, this is also a sociocultural story.”