Beating Monday Blues

Why put up with a job you dislike when you can find one that you love?

Every morning begins with you dragging yourself out of bed — even though, you know that the day would not be different. If anything, the mere mention of how the day might unfold fills you with dread. Job portal's latest campaign may have hit too close to home for some people, what with its too-real interpretation of going to a job you don't like. Quite literally, the brand goes all out to introduce your alter ego — the one that tries too hard to convince you to do otherwise.

Sometimes, a simple idea is all you need to resonate with a crowd, as in this case, where you have employees who may be having second thoughts about their job. Sumeet Singh, chief marketing officer, Info Edge, says, "If you are finding your job a drag, you needn’t carry on any further. Instead, you can get a job you would love on Naukri." And the commercial conveys just that with subtle humour.

This isn't the first time that Naukri's tongue-in-cheek humour was used in an ad film to coax viewers out of their comfort zone. Its previous campaign portrayed a scenario that quite a few people may relate to: companies refusing to let employees go by tempting them with them mundane promotions. The latest is no different.

"A new generation for upwardly mobile jobseekers today demand much more than just jobs. They seek life goal fulfillment, satisfaction and balance. We thought this idea was beautifully highlighted through the age-old villain: the dreaded Mondays. When you find a cool job on, you do what you love and love what you do; you love to go to work on Mondays, while the rest of the world is dragging themselves to work," says Shujoy Dutta, vice president and executive planning director, J Walter Thompson. The question now remains, are you courageous enough to quit your job for something you love?