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Cocoa Crossfire

Ferrero is aiming for an ever bigger share of the Indian market. But will Mondelēz let it?

Vishal Koul

Having moved to India barely a year ago, Roberto Grasso’s demeanour is that of a man who is still getting accustomed to his new surroundings. However, that does not hinder his enthusiasm as he shares his understanding of the domestic chocolate market, the Indian palate, evolution of modern trade and the importance of a cold chain. His company, Ferrero India, of which he is the chairman and managing director, has been in the country since 2004. It was a phase when the market was a duopoly and split quite disproportionately between Cadbury India (now known as Mondelēz India Foods) and Nestle India. The former had over 75% share of the market and had been around for almost six decades. On the face of it, the scenario looked anything but easy for a new entrant.