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The dairy explosion

Dairy players are cashing in on the rising demand for high-margin value-added milk products

It is nearing 1pm and you can hear Lata Mangeshkar’s dulcet voice playing on a slightly crude sound system at the sprawling Bhagyalaxmi farm in Manchar, a nondescript town on the Mumbai-Nashik highway. The song is soon relegated to the background as you are captivated by the sight of a huge bovine population of nearly 3,800 trundling towards the milking area in an almost orderly fashion, mooing in consonance. For someone from the city, it’s an exhilarating sight, but for those working at the farm it’s just another day at work. “We play the music to make sure the cows are relaxed. It does make a difference,” says one of the farm workers with a straight face.