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Growing the cult... one Harley at a time

Harley-Davidson, with its first-ever affordable model, has seen its tribe increase in India

Published 8 years ago on Jun 26, 2015 21 minutes Read
Vishal Koul

When you close your eyes and think of the brand Harley-Davidson, what image comes to your mind? An open road? Leather-clad riders? Terminator?” asks Bijoy Kumar Y. The former editor of BS Motoring Magazine, aficionado of all things on four and two wheels and Harley junkie is quick to answer for us. “Well, it could be all of the above. The legendary motorcycle company may insist that it is all about freedom but it is a known fact that Arnold [Schwarzenegger] in his ageing cyborg incarnation sold more Fat Boys than any Harley-Davidson salesman ever did. To begin with, it was about American iron that evolved into a capable war machine. Then came Hells Angels and the cult following. This was followed by the company reinventing itself by selling time-warped cruisers with reliable mechanicals. The end result is the iconic Harley-Davidson brand of today — as American as it gets. Period.”