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Hyunyoung Choi compares the effectiveness of internet-based channels and online ads

As more and more users move online for shopping, socialising, researching and so on, marketers are trying harder than ever to reach out to them. Research conducted by Hyunyoung Choi compares the effectiveness of internet-based channels. His findings suggest that while display ads are centred on the website’s context, search ads are much more compelling as they target users looking for information and generate an ad relevant to their query. He further analyses online shopping behaviour and shows that conversion is much higher when the users are exposed to retargeting ads (of sites they have visited previously). By keeping a track of people visiting the website, advertisers use retargeting ads to get the users to return to their site and, maybe, even purchase a product.  

Title: Retargeting, Taking Full Advantage of the Online Shopping Behavior

Source: SSRN


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