'How you receive bad news will shape the work culture at your office'

Dr Mark Brouker, a retired captain of the US Navy, and founder and president of Brouker Leadership Solutions, lists out five behaviours that can help you become a great leader.

Published 4 months ago on Jul 26, 2021 14 minutes Read
Dr Mark Brouker, retired captain, US Navy

Under some bosses, you get fired up to go to work while the others make you want to quit. So, what exactly does it take for a leader to inspire? Dr Mark Brouker, a retired captain of the US Navy, has charted out five behaviours that could help. Currently a teacher of Leadership Studies at Chapman University, he has served as the chief executive officer at one of the largest naval hospitals worldwide. After transitioning from the Navy, Dr Brouker worked at Bridgepoint Education as a senior leadership development facilitator and in 2013, founded Brouker Leadership Solutions. At Outlook Business Leading Edge 2021, organised in association with IDFC FIRST Bank, Dr Brouker speaks about the qualities of a leader that inspire and excite employees. Edited excerpts: