A smart move

Tata Power Delhi Distribution is serious about getting its smart grid strategy right

Vishal Koul

Quick, what is the link between Texas and California in the US, the Danish island of Bornholm and some 250 households in north Delhi? Give up? They are all areas that have installed smart meters and are part of a smart electricity grid initiative. The only difference (but it’s a big one): Texas and California are the top-ranking American states in smart grid deployment, investment and customer engagement; at Bornholm, the technology is so advanced that an electric vehicle not only powers itself from the island’s renewable energy sources such as the wind, its battery can also store excess renewable energy and feed the electricity back into the grid when needed. In stark contrast, at Tata Power Delhi Distribution (TPDDL), the project is getting off the ground. “The move to smart grid is a path-breaking initiative for our company,” says Praveer Sinha, CEO, TPDDL, which owns and operates distribution in north and northwest Delhi, an area with 1.3 million customers.