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India's second freedom movement

A private equity maven explains why improved the education quality is the key to reform and philanthropy in India

Vishal Koul

When it comes to trends in Indian philanthropy, our freedom struggle set a powerful precedent for future generations to follow: some of India’s wealthiest families dedicated their resources towards the liberation of the country. However, despite 67 years of independence, India has not yet turned into a land of opportunity for the majority of its citizens. Today, the country faces a crisis because its education system has failed three generations and currently faces the threat of failing a fourth generation as well. Our failure to provide quality education to our children not only undermines their dignity but also puts India’s overall development at risk. The bright side is that this is something we can change within our lifetimes. Members of the Indian elite thus have a responsibility to harness change for the millions of their countrymen without the same access to resources, thereby bringing about a second freedom movement.