Silicon Valley's Hottest Innovations 2016

When Aging is Fun

Unity Biotechnology wants to make the sunset years less painful through its discovery of senolytic medicine

Dawid Bilski

Unity Biotechnology“My parents used to always say “aging is beautiful. Look at your grandfather, isn’t it awesome?,” but in my mind I was saying like “This is bullshit…he is decaying and it can’t be awesome at all!” It’s a stupid thing for people to say because, in some sense, they lack the ability to change,” says Nathaniel David. It may sound like hyperbole, but the biochemist as the founder of Unity Biotechnology is indeed working towards making the sunset years a less painful and a pleasant phase of human life. For someone who set up three biotech ventures and tasted success, David terms his current venture as the “coolest biology experiment” he has ever worked on. But the serial entrepreneur’s journey into Unity was more accidental but, nonetheless, an exciting one.