Silicon Valley's Hottest Innovation

"Make a great company and the money takes care of itself"

Silicon Valley veteran Vinod Khosla on entrepreneurship and failing intelligently 

Photographs by Dawid Bilski

He’s outspoken, irreverent and completely unapologetic. And Silicon Valley can’t get enough of him. Entrepreneur-turned-venture capitalist Vinod Khosla is known as much for his often-controversial views on just about everything as he is for his fervent championing of socially relevant innovation, especially in cleantech, healthcare and education. khoslaventures, the company the 58-year-old founded in 2004 with family funds, currently has a portfolio of approximately 50 companies in the sustainability space, and nearly 70 in the infotech space, from wearable computing and social media to payment solutions and enterprise and cloud. In a freewheeling conversation, Khosla discusses entrepreneurship,innovation and the culture in Silicon Valley. Excerpts: