Secret Diary 2019

"I was forced to know about my caste, thanks to a boy named Rishi Kapoor"

Secret Diary of Shashi Tharoor — Part 1

Vishal Koul

He was my hero. Of late, I wake up conscious to the feeling that my dad never saw his 64th birthday. I turn 64 next year. He was only 26 when I was born, and his demise, when I was 37, was sudden. I lost not just a father, but also a close friend, somebody whom I could share everything in my life with, and who made me the person I am. A lot of my self-confidence is rooted in my father’s faith — his enormous respect for my writing and my intellectual ability. Though a strict disciplinarian who was liberal with his use of hands, he did confess to me later in life that he didn’t know any better, because that’s the way he was brought up.