Entrepreneurs under 30


Sportskeeda is a crowdsourced sport forum that fuels discussions on all kinds of sport 

Niloptal Baruah

A student of Symbosis Institute of Management and sports fanatic, Porush Jain started Sportskeeda with his friend Srinivas Cuddapah in 2009 when he realised there was no online multi-sport forum in India. With more than 1,000 contributors, the majority of whom write for free given their passion for sports (only 5-10% of the writers are paid), Sportskeeda has become India’s largest multi-sport, crowdsourced sports fansite. It gets 2 million visitors a month and the founders believe they are now on an equal footing with other sports forums, like Cricinfo. The idea is to engage fans across India at one place where they can discuss sport. The site secured a funding of #2.8 crore from Seedfund in November 2011.