Youth Inc.

The new work ethic

As youngsters embark on their professional lives, many companies are adapting to match their unique needs

Soumik Kar

When inMobi decided to expand its office space to include an additional floor in Bengaluru’s Pebble Beach Building, CEO Naveen Tewari had just one request: he wanted a workstation overlooking the adjacent KGA Golf Course. There are no rooms or cubicles at this mobile advertising firm, not even for the CEO, only meeting rooms named after blockbuster animation movies. “They refused,” Tewari said ruefully at an earlier meeting with Outlook Business. “Nothing unusual about that,” says Monisha Tambay, VP, global people operations at inMobi. “We don’t believe different levels should have different benefits. More often than not, the leadership team has its meetings at the Barista downstairs because they forgot to book the meeting rooms in advance.” Indeed, it’s not unusual to see employees walking around with coffee in one hand and laptop in the other, plonking down next to any available power outlet.