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The eyes have it

Bright colours and packaging, and celebrity endorsements make L’Oréal’s brands a hit with young women

Soumik Kar

Avantika Razdan remembers her 17-year-old sister putting “stuff on her eyes” from a vivid green and pink tube over a decade ago. Razdan was just 10 at the time and was fascinated by the whole ‘doing up your face’ process. Six years later, when she began experimenting with make-up herself, her choice of products was nearly identical to what her sister used, which meant Maybelline’s Great Lash mascara was part of the booty. Nearly 22 now, she still counts Maybelline among her favourite brands — the quirky names, bright packaging and glossy textures appeal to her sense of fun. Her sister, meanwhile, has moved on to L’Oréal Paris products. She’s dropped in at the Lancôme store occasionally and plans to check out the Kiehl’s store soon.