Women Of Worth 2015

Powerhouse counsel

It took decades of hard work for Zia Mody to build India's foremost mergers and acquisitions advisory firm 

Soumik Kar

It is five in the evening on a hot humid day in Mumbai. The fresh coat of polish on the long wooden table that runs along the length of this empty boardroom is quite distinct. I can catch glimpses of the glistening sea outside through the window blinds. The view from the 23rd floor of the Express Towers is refreshing and a mild distraction from the task at hand. There’s a gentle brush on the carpet as the heavy wooden door opens to reveal the powerhouse we’re waiting for. She announces her arrival with a high-pitched ‘Hello’ while she furiously types away on her BlackBerry. Once that last mail is attended to, she examines us briefly before disposing the phone inside her handbag and fishing out a rectangular case from which she extracts a string of beady pearls.