Where the rich are investing - 2019

CK Kumaravel of Naturals Salon Chain on his investments

CK Kumaravel, Co-founder and CEO, Naturals Salon, shares his investment preferences

RA Chandroo

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, it was only natural that CK Kumaravel followed the path of his father and brothers. His father, initially, bought pharma products in bulk and sold them to medical stores. But the one idea that changed the fortunes of his family and that of the FMCG industry was India’s first sachet shampoo, Velvette. It made extra-special grooming affordable to all. Later, his elder brother, CK Ranganathan, went on to build one of India’s most successful homegrown FMCG companies, CavinKare. While Kumaravel started out working with his brother, he always felt the urge to do something of his own. “I was never comfortable taking the safe option and that’s why I decided to become an entrepreneur,” he says. However, that road was not easy.