Super Seven

Breaking new ground

Stories of seven extraordinary businessmen who created far reaching economic and social impact

It is now seven years since Outlook Business was launched, three years since I came on board as editor and 18 months since we re-launched the magazine in its current format. The experience has been more than gratifying. Our decision to provide differentiated content by focusing on enterprise, strategy and markets has been well appreciated by our readers.

That positive feedback emboldened us to devote more energy towards pursuing even more specialised and relevant global content. The result was three noteworthy special issues: View from New York (November 12, 2012), Masterspeak (February 2, 2013) and The Warren Buffett Special (June 8, 2013). And this, by no means, was the result of providence — it was an imperative.

Today, when at the click of a button you can find out which company ranks where on sales, profits, assets or market capitalisation, cover stories on company listings — such as the 500 rankings or best banks — are redundant. Each of the three special issues we released in our sixth year was a first. 

But what made all the effort especially worthwhile was a note we received from legendary investor Warren Buffett, commending us on our special issue after attending the 2013 Berkshire annual shareholders meeting. It is appreciation like this — from our loyal readers as well as icons from the world of business and investing — that motivates us to ideate big and work harder towards achieving many more firsts.  In the months and years to come, our efforts will be in that direction.

In this issue, we celebrate our seventh anniversary by bringing you stories of seven extraordinary businessmen whose vision and work have created far reaching economic and social impact. Happy reading.