Ever wished for a social network that could possibly give your fledging start-up a leg up? AngelList founders Naval Ravikant  and Babak Nivi probably heard your prayers. In 2010, they launched AngelList, an online platform that helps raise equity or debt investment for start-ups by aggregating angel investors. Starting from getting investors in touch with promising firms who may not have the monetary muscle to succeed, AngelList has now graduated to facilitating these transactions online itself. Using a new tool, companies can now fill out term sheets and process payments instead of making mistakes on their own or hiring an expensive legal team to plug loopholes. AngelList claims to have facilitated investments to the tune of $200 million, with over 21,000 investors and 1,300 companies participating in the process. With close to 100 investors in AngelList itself and a $150-million valuation, the firm is in good company.