Silicon Valley's Hottest Innovation

"People will buy hardware like they buy rice and sugar"

Lightspeed Venture Partners' Bipul Sinha feels it pays to be the first investor in enterprise businesses 

Dawid Bilski

As a partner at Lightspeed Ventures, Bipul Sinha primarily focuses on the software, mobile and internet space, with a particular interest in cloud services and infrastructure and social utilities and apps. An engineer from IIT Kharagpur and MBA from Wharton, Sinha previously worked at Blumberg Capital, Bank of America and Oracle, among others. His favourite hunting ground for entrepreneurs is LinkedIn. In fact, Sinha once reached out to an entrepreneur just two hours after he changed his LinkedIn headline from vice-president of a company to ‘entrepreneur’, spooking him a little. When he is not playing Big Brother in the venture capital space, Sinha is a self-confessed political junkie who predicts that India is headed to a hung Parliament after Lok Sabha elections next year.