Secret Diary of an Entrepreneur / CEO-2018

“Don’t be smug about your success, there’s always someone smarter than you”

Secret Diary of Ajay Bijli — Part 3

Vishal koul

While my inherent restlessness to do more always pushed the business ahead, it also led to unnecessary hubris that “we can do anything and it will do well.” For instance, the movie production business that we, eventually, had to shut down. I wanted to expand even as competition was heating up with Adlabs and Inox coming in. Besides, there were more deep-pocketed players waiting on the sidelines. There was a lot of action in the multiplex space, resulting in rentals shooting up. I wasn’t very keen on signing projects at such high rentals as it wasn’t viable. I felt that the next best thing for PVR was to become a diversified entertainment house with exhibition as one division and production as another.