Secret Diary Of A CEO 2017

"If life throws you a curveball, face it"

Secret Diary Of Varun Berry Part-1

Photograph by Soumik Kar

personal information of Varun BerryIt’s a myth that the youngest sibling in a family is the most pampered and handled with kid gloves. My two older sisters never gave me that feeling as I was the one who would get beaten up all the time! It was fun, though, growing up in Chandigarh, and studying at the all-boys St John’s High School meant the fun quotient was always high. Hanging around and cycling down with a group of friends had become a daily ritual. Studies were never my forte. I was a very casual kid with no drive in particular. My dad, who was a chief engineer with the Haryana government, kept telling me, “The way you are going, I can see myself buying a shop for you to sell vegetables.” And, in all honesty, the sarcasm never hit me. I genuinely thought it was a good way to make a living.