Power of I 2019

Oasis of hope

Our special edition, Power of I, analyses entrepreneurial success stories, companies that are constantly innovating and charting their own journey

The Indian economy is going through a lean patch and its resilience is being put to the test. Unlike the other testing times that we have had, this time around, even consumption-oriented sectors are taking it on the chin. Thankfully, there are some pockets that are growing irrespective of the overall economic climate in the country or globally. Just the diversity of industries, coupled with the spirit of Indian entrepreneurship is keeping that gravy train going.

We at Outlook Business are always on the lookout for stories of entrepreneurial excellence and in this special Independence Day edition Power of I, that’s what we always celebrate. Keeping up the tradition, we bring you a bunch of small and medium-sized companies that have charted their own destiny, through differentiation, innovation or by simply pushing for excellence in their chosen niche. 

Among the companies featured is Ninjacart, a unicorn in the making. It is a fabulous example of how a company can leverage technology to harness efficiency in the agriculture supply chain. Staying with agriculture and plantation, there is Teabox. It is a standout story of how a tiny company has differentiated itself through savvy marketing and use of technology in a highly crowded marketplace. Servify is another example of how technology can be leveraged to make a traditional, boring business highly efficient and organised.

An exciting piece in this edition is the opening feature on agri-tech companies. While the share of agriculture in India’s national income has steadily declined, the challenges facing agriculture are a matter of grave concern than ever before. Fragmented land ownership has always been a hurdle in upping productivity and yields in farming, but an erratic weather pattern has compounded the risks for farmers even more. 

Solutions to deal with this change are what the agri-tech companies are offering. Thanks to mobile connectivity, the farmer can get everything from weather updates to best prices for inputs and his produce at the click of a button. Some agri-tech start-ups are really transforming the lives of small farmers. We hope that you enjoy reading all these stories that celebrate the Power of India.