Power Couple

Zia & Jaydev Mody

Zia & Jaydev Mody on the qualities they have imbibed from each other

Zia ModyZia and Jaydev Mody’s 45-year journey has been one of concrete agreements that have lasted a lifetime and genial disagreements that evaporate in a nano second. For instance, as we scout around for a suitable photo background in their spacious villa filled with art and antiques from around the world, Zia feels a particular painting that adorns the stairway would make for a great backdrop. Jaydev takes one look at the painting and then dismisses it with a wave of his hand. To which Zia responds with mock displeasure and then the two continue ascending the stairs, hand in hand. Ever since they began their respective careers, Zia’s intensity and level-headedness has been equally matched by Jaydev’s tenacity and commercial acumen. While Zia, who follows the Bahá’í faith, clearly needs no introduction in corporate India, Jaydev has a cultivated reclusiveness about him.