My Best Pick 2020

Mehul Bhatt is sticking with an old favourite in the time of corona

Nesco, with its enviable real estate assets, well-managed cash-flow and competent management, looks like a good place to move into

Published 2 years ago on Apr 09, 2020 5 minutes Read
Faisal Magray

What do you love, in the time of corona? The question is inspired from the title of the famous Gabriel Garcia Márquez book, set in a period of cholera epidemic. We are in a similar situation. Much like the book’s protagonist Florentino Ariza, in times of market carnage like the one we are facing due to Covid-19, it is difficult to maintain a sense of equanimity. In the present milieu, many investments offer mouth-watering valuations for good businesses. But, my love for a clean, strong balance sheet and transparent management draws me towards Nesco, which has a history of healthy return ratios combined with an attractive valuation (that could get cheaper).