Masterspeak 2015

Mind chow

The intent is capture the latest in business thinking & timeless lessons by those who have made it

We are delighted to bring you the second edition of Masterspeak, a collection of interviews with global thought leaders. Keeping in line with the focus of the magazine, these are personalities who have earned their spurs in the area of entrepreneurship and venture capital, strategy and leadership, and markets and investing. 

The world around us is changing faster than we can cope and the need to be cognizant of what is coming next is greater than ever. While we want to prepare, our daily routine and rigmarole leave us hardly any time to pause and reflect on our methods or revisit the basics. Some lessons are indeed timeless — like the value of patience in investing or the importance of humility in leadership or the will to not give up and learn from failure to succeed as an entrepreneur. Once in a while we all need to remind ourselves of these. 

In this edition, from the amazingly beautiful campus of the University of San Diego, Frank Partnoy talks about the need to wait until the last minute before taking a decision, in a tiny cafeteria tucked in a bylane of San Francisco, Carson Block talks about his evolution as a steeped-in-forensic-accounting short seller, at bright and breezy Boston, Roger Martin and Daniel Pink tell us about what makes enterprises excel and at San Mateo, Chad Hurley tells us how YouTube came into being. And these are just a few of the heavyweight interviews that we have in this special issue. 

The intent behind the Masterspeak interviews is not only to get you the latest in business thinking but also capture the timeless lessons learnt by those who have made it. The journey conducting these interviews was an exhilarating experience and it was a privilege interacting with these brilliant minds. We hope you’ll equally enjoy reading these interviews.