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Mrinal Singh’s bet on out-of-favour stocks across sectors has delivered big hits

Soumik Kar

I don’t belong to any one place,” declares Mrinal Singh, deputy CIO, equities, ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund. He is referring to having grown up in different parts of the world and describes how his father’s transferable engineering job took him across the globe. However, what seemed to have intrigued the young engineer was the stock market. “During my school days, I was interested in stock quotes that appeared in newspapers. Back then, I couldn’t understand any of it.” By then, the curiosity had turned into an interest. “During my student life, I always asked around for guidance. I spoke to informed people, some acquaintances and relatives. They suggested that I pursue an MBA in order to work in the financial markets.” So, when the 20-something Singh completed his graduation, he knew what he wanted to do. Singh joined the R&D department at Robert Bosch GmbH Motor Industries in October 2000. After a three-year stint at the mobility technology service provider, Singh secured an MBA in finance from the SP Jain Institute of Management& Research in Mumbai. He followed this up with a job at Wipro, as a financial consultant.