Good Businesses 2017

Catching 'em Young

AddressHealth is looking to build a sustainable model for school health programmes

Photographs by Ra Chandroo

Both Anoop and I were clear, while pursuing medicine, that we didn’t want to be one of those doctors who sit in clinic and see patients,” smiles Dr Anand Lakshman, founder and CEO, AddressHealth. Dr Anoop Radhakrishnan happens to be Lakshman’s junior from Mysore Medical College and now the co-founder at AddressHealth. Lakshman graduated from Mysore Medical College in 1999 and later pursued a post-graduate degree in public health from the Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, graduating in 2001. The Bengaluru-based social enterprise, among other things, provides a host of paediatric healthcare services to 150 schools in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, covering 1.1 lakh school students, that includes annual health checkups, health education and infirmary services.