Good Businesses 2014

All that matters is organic

An early proponent of organic farming, Ecofarms is making a difference to farmers’ lives in Odisha and Maharashtra

Photographs by Soumik Kar

Once there was aridity and despair. Now there is water, money and hope. “Earlier, we used to keep digging and digging and get nowhere. The soil and water table were completely depleted and all we got was dry mud,” rues Sriram Rajajee Tulsapuri, a farmer from the Yavatmal district of the Vidarbha region in Maharashtra. Vidarbha is notorious for its arid soil and depleted water table but Tulsapuri smiles as he surveys his green cotton fields. The story of how Tulsapuri and some 16,000 other farmers in six districts in Maharashtra and Odisha have transformed their lives is a tale written by a little-known but rapidly evolving organic food producer called Ecofarms, which helps restore fertility to the soil by encouraging farmers to take to organic farming. The man behind the movement is Om Prakash Mor.