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CoCubes is India’s largest online campus hiring platform connecting colleges and companies

Harpeet Grover and Vibhore Goyal didn’t exactly start on the best terms when they met as roommates at IIT Mumbai. “He got the better bed so things were a little frosty,” says Grover, who graduated in 2005. Matters improved, though, and the duo have gone on to start a venture that has become India’s largest student engagement and campus hiring platform. A casual conversation with a placement officer made Grover realise that there was no formal platform for campus recruitment and with over 30,000 colleges in India, companies, too, find campus hiring a daunting task. So, with an initial investment of Rs.2 lakh, he and Goyal launched CoCubes in 2007.

Based out of Gurgaon, the word CoCubes derives its origin from the first two letters of three words — connecting colleges (and) companies. The company currently has around 2,500 colleges on its network who pay an annual fee, and plans to increase it to 7,000 colleges over the next year. Over 400 companies hire students through CoCubes: some 10,000 students have been placed through them and 800,000 students are currently registered on the platform. The company hopes to clock $4 million (₹22 crore) this year, driven by the increase of colleges in the network.