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Photo Feature

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum — one of the richest men in the world is all set to build a home in London for his fleet of 114 luxury cars

Team Outlook Business

Start-up earns its 'Stripe'

Visa, American Express and Sequoia Capital swipe their cards with a fresh dose of funding for digital payments start-up, Stripe

Team Outlook Business | AUG 13 , 2015

And then there were three

The ACE acquisition of Chubb Corp is touted as one of the largest M&A deals this year 

Team Outlook Business | JUL 24 , 2015

Lego bricks go green

The colourful Lego plastic bricks are set to get an eco-friendly makeover

Team Outlook Business | JUL 14 , 2015

Donald dumped?

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's Ora TV drops deal with Donald Trump following his anti-immigrant remarks

Team Outlook Business | JUL 11 , 2015

The son rises

Business leaders Rupert Murdoch and Osamu Suzuki pass on the throne as they hang up their boots

Team Outlook Business | JUL 10 , 2015

Turbulent weather

AirAsia's Tony Fernandes dismisses a highly critical report by research firm GMT

Team Outlook Business | JUL 09 , 2015

Scaling the great wall

The Shanghai Composite Index is at a new 52-week high

Team Outlook Business | JUN 26 , 2015

Cheers to that

Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paulo Lemann is considering taking over spirit megalith Diageo

JUN 26 , 2015

Fit in the public eye

Tracker-maker Fitbit is now valued at $8 billion on the NYSE

JUN 26 , 2015

One direction

Cab-hailing service provider Uber is all set to get its hands on Nokia's native map app Here

Team Outlook Business | JUN 16 , 2015

The pill 2.0

The US FDA gives a tentative approval to a drug which is being dubbed as Viagra for women

Team Outlook Business | JUN 15 , 2015

A billion...anybody? Everybody!

The stand-off between Greece and its international creditors seems no where close to being resolved

JUN 12 , 2015

Going Dutch

The Dutch government plans to float an IPO for state-owned bank ABN Amro

Team Outlook Business | JUN 12 , 2015

Knockout over knock-offs

Luxury goods major Kering sues Alibaba over the sale of counterfeits on the e-commerce giant's website

Team Outlook Business | JUN 09 , 2015

Brand new look

South African investment firm Brait has just completed a successful $1.2-billion bid for British retailer New Look

Team Outlook Business | JUN 06 , 2015

Coming a cropper

Word on the street was that GMO major Monsanto had tentatively approached Syngenta for a merger

Team Outlook Business | MAY 29 , 2015

Much-needed restorative

Billionaire investor John Paulson comes to the rescue of the drugmaker Mylan with a 7-million-share purchase

Team Outlook Business | MAY 29 , 2015

Short and tweet

Social media giant Twitter's stock fell due to a disappointing earnings report leak

Team Outlook Business | MAY 29 , 2015

From bad to worse

The European Commission indicts Russian energy giant, Gazprom for market abuse

Team Outlook Business | MAY 15 , 2015

Resurrection act

A TPG Capital-led consortium picks up an 80% stake in Montreal-based entertainment company Cirque du Soleil

MAY 15 , 2015

Deal or no deal

With regulators set to quash the deal, the possibility of the Time Warner-Comcast merger looks bleak

Team Outlook Business | MAY 15 , 2015

One-stop shop

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp launches a personal-shopping app Operator

MAY 15 , 2015

Coming out of its shell

At a time when crude oil prices have crashed, Royal Dutch Shell has taken the axiom to heart by buying out BG Group

Team Outlook Business | APR 17 , 2015

One way or the other

Russian tycoon Mikhail Fridman is all set to pour in $16 billion into telecom businesses in Europe and the US

Team Outlook Business | APR 17 , 2015