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Bridging the gap
With the first stone laid for the Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link, the distance between mainland Mumbai and Navi Mumbai is set to shrink

Freebie Season

Appeasing distressed farmers with high MSP might pay off politically but will increase the fiscal deficit

Progyaa Dutta | JUL 05 , 2018

Ban Without A Plan

The mindless plastic ban threatens to add to India’s NPA woes

Progyaa Dutta | JUN 26 , 2018

Wall Of Shame

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off, India seems to be content with just painting walls

Progyaa Dutta | JUN 14 , 2018

Time For Populism?

In an election year, the government could succumb to farmers’ demands and risk a rising deficit

JUN 07 , 2018

Demolition Politics

The anti-encroachment drive in Delhi may be in public interest but the implementation is rather callous

Anushka Gupta | MAY 29 , 2018

Unwelcome Overture

RRPL’s refinery could well shape up only on paper given the opposition from landowners

MAY 21 , 2018

Hold Your Fire

Mind the votes, or stay the course? High global oil prices put government in a spot

MAY 08 , 2018

Cash Crunch

Eighteen months into demonetisation, ATMs experience another cash crunch

APR 23 , 2018

All aboard

India’s Silicon Valley is now home to the country’s first heli taxi service

APR 17 , 2018

Cushy Landing

Indian cotton mills are making merry with a bumper crop and a helping hand from China

Bhakti Tambe | APR 10 , 2018

It’s a hat-trick

By bagging domestic cricket rights, Star India now has an iron grip over India’s biggest sport

Bhakti Tambe | APR 06 , 2018

Piling up

A record sugar production in Uttar Pradesh fails to sweeten the mood as arrears reach ₹9,600 crore  

MAR 27 , 2018

In Troubled Waters

The US’ move to hike anti-dumping duty could well crimp Indian shrimp exports

MAR 20 , 2018

Deferred Unrest

With PSU banks currently awash with NPAs, will the Maharashtra government be able to honour its loan-waiver commitment?

Bhakti Tambe | MAR 12 , 2018

A Sunny Affair

Karnataka is now home to the country’s biggest solar park

MAR 05 , 2018

Achtung Baby!

Riding on new launches, can Mercedes-Benz retain its top spot in India?

FEB 13 , 2018

Fuelling Up

Will India be able to keep up with its natural gas expansion plans?

FEB 07 , 2018

Back in election mode

The FY19 Budget could more likely chase votes than growth

JAN 23 , 2018

Superstar Turns Political Novice

Tamil Nadu superstar Rajnikanth scripts a new role in southern politics 

JAN 02 , 2018

A Close Call

BJP’s narrow margin of victory in Gujarat could be a harbinger of the challenge that lies ahead for Modi

Krishna Gopalan | DEC 18 , 2017

A Wave Or A Ripple?

Seaplane services in India have had a turbulent past, will the future be any different?

DEC 12 , 2017

Up In The Air

Gujarat is the BJP’s backyard but this time it hardly seems a walkover

Bhakti Tambe | DEC 06 , 2017

India's Golden Harvest

The world’s second largest wheat producer hopes to rein in its import bill next fiscal

DEC 01 , 2017

Playing The Big Game

Gaming companies Sony and Ubisoft return for round three of the Indian Games Expo

NOV 20 , 2017