Rare air

Delhi may be choking, but one company has found a ‘fresh’ way to cash in

Published 5 years ago on Nov 18, 2019 1 minute Read

Everyone goes to the mall to shop for clothes, foorwear or hang out at the food court. But, fresh oxygen is becoming the next hip buy in our capital. Aryamar Wellness has launched OxyPure Bar, Delhi's first oxygen bar, to tackle the city's burgeoning air pollution issue, which is one of the worst in the world. The four-seater bar allows customers to breathe over 90% pure oxygen in various aromas from a disposable nasal cannula. A 15-minute session at the bar costs Rs.300-400 and the process claims to displace harmful free radicals, neutralise the environmental toxins in your system and destroy bacteria. Delhi, which experiences poor air quality throughout the year, sees its particulate matter and sulphur dioxide levels shoot up exponentially during the winter months of November to February each year. The reason for this primarily attributed to stubble burning in Punjab and Haryana, the unburnt matter of which hangs over the capital due to wind movements. The phenomenon has been noticed for years now, yet every December, the city chokes. Ventures such as OxyPure shed light on how a public health emergency in the capital of a 'world superpower' is being ignored, and as far as the oxygen bar is concerned, it also proves the fact that in every crisis, there’s an opportunity.