Fuelling up

Will India be able to keep up with its natural gas expansion plans?

Published 6 years ago on Feb 07, 2018 1 minute Read

The government’s aggressive push to double the share of natural gas in India’s energy mix — from 6.5% now to 15% by 2030 — will see a bump in the country’s natural gas import in the years to come. There are four natural gas terminals in the country, and the government has announced building 11 terminals over the next seven years. Last year, India imported 20 million tonne of natural gas. But the import capacity is likely to increase to 70 million tonne over the next few years, if India has to stick to its plan. This would also bring India close to Japan and China’s import capacities. Japan, the world’s largest natural gas importer, bought about 83.5 million tonne, with China following second at 68.57 million tonne in 2017. Hand-in-hand with this, India’s natural gas consumption is also expected to increase from 50 billion cubic metres (bcm) to about 70 bcm by 2022 and 100 bcm by 2030. This is considering the country’s ambitious plans to roll out natural-gas-powered electric vehicles by 2030 as well as pushing for the use of natural gas for trains, motorcycles and scooters. If things work out as expected, India will come close to Japan's current capacity.