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Who’s the most patriotic of them all?

UK-based market research firm, YouGov, asked Indians which brands they thought were most patriotic

Published 6 years ago on Aug 15, 2018 1 minute Read

It’s profit that drives businesses worldwide, and not nationalism. But what if brands were ranked for their patriotism? That’s what the UK-based international data and analytics company, YouGov, did in a nationwide survey asking respondents which Indian brands they believe were the most patriotic. With a sample size of around 1,200 respondents, the survey covers around 152 brands across 11 categories. There are no surprises on which brand emerges as the most patriotic — State Bank of India, Tata Motors and Patanjali have topped their respective categories. However, it’s interesting to note that MNCs with their huge advertising budgets, too, have managed to give their brands a nationalistic hue in the eyes of Indian consumers. Though 42% of the respondents feel they are as patriotic as their parents and 32% would want their children to be more patriotic than them, the truth, at the end of the day, is that a consumer buys a brand for what it offers and not for its country of origin.