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The world's most powerful sports car brand Ferrari vrooms back into the Indian market 

The auto market in the country may be duller than drying paint and the rupee may be sinking with its other Asian brethren, but that hasn’t stopped the world’s most coveted sportscar brand — Ferrari — from re-entering the Indian market. And in a prodigal return to its roots, the supercar that the company will roll out first will be an amped up version of its famed California T from the 1950s. The car features a V8 engine and will be priced at ₹3.4 crore. Despite the steep price, the company has already received eight bookings thus far and says it wants to sell 20 units this year alone. However, this is not the carmaker’s first time in India. Four years ago, it had made an aborted attempt to tie up with a distributor but the script went awry, leaving customers out in the cold. Now, Ferrari will open two outlets with a new dealer to serve its Indian clientele. Looks like the Prancing Horse is here to stay for good.